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Ready to Boost your Business?

CityBlossom offers the most efficient and risk-free advertising program.

CityBlossom matches high-quality and loyal costumers with our merchant partners.


Partnering with CityBlossom can benefit your business in many ways:

  • Revenue up front
  • More business during off-peak times
  • Exposure to our target female audience
  • Futuring your business with us will cost you no up-front fees

 How we partner with you?

  CityBlossom finds quality businesses like you.

  • The CityBlossom team and you develop compelling promotions that will drive new customers to your doors.
  • CityBlossom sends newsletters featuring your deal to thousands of local subscribers (we also post to social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter - getting you maximum exposure). They buy it on the spot and share it with their friends.
  • Once your deal has been crafted and posted to the CityBlossom website, we'll cut you a cheque (minus our revenue share and costs) for your share of the sale.