The Secret is out: Why Women Always Open Their Mouth When Applying Mascara


Ever wondered why, despite trying so hard, you tend to always open your mouth while applying mascara?

This little gesture we do always seem to amuse others (read: men), and today, I shall reveal the secret to why we women do the crazy things we do (well, one of them…!)

The thing is, some of the neves that open the eyelids are connected to the mouth, thus making it (literally!) second nature for to open our mouths when lifting our eyelids as high as we do when applying mascara. And before you think this is women exclusive (as a male friend says, “only women do this type of craziness”, hah!), it most definitely isn’t. Ask any man, as a test, to apply mascara and he will do exactly the same.

So, the mystery has been solved! Any thoughts? ;)